I'm Dating a Vampire. Does he know I'm one too? Ha, Yeah Right!

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xlostsoul607x By xlostsoul607x Updated 3 years ago
Juliana, or Ember Roth, is one girl who doesn't know who she is anymore. But not telling Alex that she's a vampire too? That's something that she's willing to keep a secret for a long time. Unfortunately, in order to help "Ember" Alex will need a little more to go on than a name. Thankfully, the VCP is always there, they just don't know it.
CallMeRayanne CallMeRayanne 4 years ago
I really like this story and I really like Alex :) xx <3 Update soon :)xx
DaShorty DaShorty 4 years ago
she is defifnitely lying to him, ha she is a vampire too..though wonder wat making her not tell him..eww if he ever finds out she is one of him, he will be mad at her no doubt.. nic story..(:
DaShorty DaShorty 4 years ago
nice beginnin and suspense...eww wonder wat her pass was about!!
i really am lookin forwaed to read this story more!!