Broken Bond

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_smurfette_thnrkcmp By _smurfette_thnrkcmp Updated a year ago
Ever experienced betrayal from a friend?
Catscratchkiddo Catscratchkiddo 2 years ago
very emotional and touching :) i love the use of rhyme and i love how you made me want to read more and more :) Bravo and a great job!
Iridescent29 Iridescent29 2 years ago
we all hate liars!
good poem!!!!
check out mine and tell me what you think about it!
lani_lira_dragomir lani_lira_dragomir 2 years ago
What you say here in true
This I totally understand
if ever you need anything
just reach out your hand

I will be there for you
to stand by your side 
as a friend that's new
so please don't hide
great job! ;D
girlonice girlonice 2 years ago
Thebbie! I love this! :> Kahit di man ako makarelate! Kailan mo to ginawa? Nung geom? hahahaha :))
Dip076 Dip076 2 years ago
This poem is really true. You can hear, from your words, the feeling of being betrayed. Thing is though, I think you should check your grammar but you only have a few mistakes which is good :)
CelesteDeHaan CelesteDeHaan 2 years ago
I don't usually read poems but I dont regret reading yours. It's kinda nice :)