Gold Rush [Now Published by Random House!]

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XxSkater2Girl16xX By XxSkater2Girl16xX Completed
Gold is an extremely popular boyband consisting of three gorgeous young men; Rian, Luke, and Noah. When they choose to attend the private academy Oakwood, most of the students are besides themselves with excitement. Then there's Iris. She likes the band, sure. But she's not as starstruck as some of the others. Having a famous brother will do that to you. Which is why Gold takes notice of her and why she's suddenly entangled in their shenanigans... and in some cases, their love lives.
Asamiiii Asamiiii 11 days ago
Even though this is the first chapter this book kind of really reminds of Boys over Flowers
SoWhatImUgly SoWhatImUgly a month ago
My gay best friend is named Rian!! Though he claims to be straight ,.. But what does he know about his own sexual orientation right?!
xoAriannaox xoAriannaox a month ago
I hate MLA format. Use times new roman put it in 12 pt font and all that chiz. Really annoying :/
Elysiumia Elysiumia a month ago
If I was her I'd be like 'uh hell no you ain't sharing a locker with me' Idgaf if they're famous or not it's my locker and they're not always gonna get their way so why not start now
andreapie andreapie a month ago
I wonder if anyone will read this comments considering this paragraph isn't a paragraph that stands out....? Hmmmmm??
Effffff that lip piercing too omg can he just be he lead singer and fully embody luke Hemmings