A walking disaster.

Alex couldn't help but laugh when he found himself pulling in two fingers into his throat and throwing up on the bath tub. He had nothing to lose, no once he could impress with his looks. But then again, he would rather die than hear someone calling him fat.
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great :) i just started writing aswell.. maybe we could do each other a favour lol.. ill vote and read if you return :D ? any that goes out to everyone :)
@Adribaracunt okokokokokokok -throws candy and you for hours- There is your candy, doll. ♥
Djdsksknsnsnxnxmxnek more please I need more of this story because I can't wait an its like oxmddmmsmsms update now or I will never give you candy o.o
"I won't leave then." Yep. Sounds like something Jack would do. I love this. It's really cute! :))
OHMAILAWD JACK IS SO CUTE HELPING ALEX once again stop your killing me with this perfection :3 love it :)
'I told everything about being fat and trying to starve myself for the stranger named Jack' - sooooobs omfg this is so heartbreaking but I love it so much

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