Helpless (( Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction ))

Louis Tomlinson of the famous British-Irish boy band, One Direction, has become corrupted and rather depressed. Everyone assumed it was because of his and Eleanor's break up, but it's been almost 9 months now and things are not looking up for the eldest band member. When Simon Cowell forces Harry Styles to move back in with his ex-best mate in an attempt to fix him, how is Harry supposed to act - and is it too late to save the Doncaster lad? ϟ Book 1 of the 'Outlaws of Love' Series.
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@StylinsonByAdoption I don't hate Taylor like I respect her but I don't listen to her music and I only like 1 Wanted song.
louis is honestly my sunshine and i'd never be the same if something would ever happen to him
Looks like I'm the only one who's never seen a glass chair. No one makes chairs with glass, that's uncomfortable
This better not be foreshadowing cuz if harry dies I will die and everyone else will die to
I really hate Will. Damn he's just a bodyguard, bodyguards shouldn't involve in their lives just protect them from us
I am loving this story. I have started to write a larry fanfic of my own. It is no where near finished but could you check it out and comment and vote please xx

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