Saved By The Alpha

Chloe was a beautiful, happy nineteen year old who loved pack life. Until one day her and her parents were kidnapped by a pack of brutal rouges. The leader took a shine to her beauty and had her locked in the underground cell for his own personal use. A month later, Kye, one of the most powerful alphas around, comes to kill the troublemaking rouges that have been terrorising the area. He did not expect to find his mate there, broken and shivering in an old cell beneath the house. (Needs editing i know, first chapter has been edited, the rest to follow as soon as i have the time)
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-_- I think it's pretty clear she knows her beauty. She just contradicted everything she said
I just want to say I love how u described her. It sounded beautiful and it flowed together gorgeously
I imagined the creatures from Snow White combined with the hyenas from lion king as the pack. Jesus that would be creepy.
Same. My mom grounds me from the library. She'll take away my card! I just use my grandmothers instead. 
wow u dont usually see a girl n werewolf stories start out with such a horrific realistic past. im hooked
@MyLittleCarrot5 even if she was, I'm 100% sure her husband would have a different surname.

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