Saved By The Alpha

Chloe was a beautiful, happy nineteen year old who loved pack life. Until one day her and her parents were kidnapped by a pack of brutal rouges. The leader took a shine to her beauty and had her locked in the underground cell for his own personal use. A month later, Kye, one of the most powerful alphas around, comes to kill the troublemaking rouges that have been terrorising the area. He did not expect to find his mate there, broken and shivering in an old cell beneath the house. (Needs editing i know, first chapter has been edited, the rest to follow as soon as i have the time)
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It's exquisite plot is kind of wonderful. But I pity Cloe, I mean, being raped over and over again. Tsk, they shouldn't have went for a long run....
what's the deal with Alpha Thomas and his mate? i know its weird that I noticed that ;)
This is really good, but could you maybe correct your grammar? It's really annoying to read a superb story with bad grammar
Oh my god! Your so great!! It was just the first chap but it was really great! O my G! Your so good!
This book would be great if you took the time to capitalize the words and spell correctly.
Your such an amazing writer but honey, please, oh please, CAPITALISE!!  It's just really distracting.

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