Erin Andersen specializes in motivation. When Stephen Spence misses one too many deadlines, the publisher sends Erin to salvage the book.
    He blames writer’s block, but Erin thinks he’s narcissistic, lazy, and spending too much time partying at his beach house.
    When Spence sails to the Florida Keys for some undeserved R&R, Erin tags along as first mate to avoid losing the contract. After a week at sea, her disdain gives way to desire and she discovers sexy Stephen Spence can focus – when he wants to. Worse, she finds that distraction is contagious.
    Fun in the sun is fine, but Erin has a job to do. Her new plan is to isolate Spence at her family’s farm in Eaton, where she grew up, and where she can control the situation on her terms.
    Or can she?
    Erin’s reckless compromises prove costly as the six-figure book deal slips through her fingers. She must choose between her career and her foolish heart.
    Whatever she decides, she might lose both.
    Here’s what a reviewer said about Madeline Sloane’s Women of Eaton trilogy:
    5 out of 5 stars Distracted, East of Eaton and West Wind: The Trilogy 
    “Distracted, East of Eaton and West Wind are filled with independent, strong, wonderful women. This series shows women the way they should be. Able to cope and function on their own, but increased when they add the right man to their life. Doing their job and raising their family the way everyone should, when these men happen into their world. Love comes without them realizing it but with all the bells and whistles.
    "I very highly recommend this series to everyone!! It's romantic, sweet, funny and will cause butterflies in your stomach. This is romance the way it should be written. Not about some woman who can't live life without a man, but a strong woman made stronger when you add the man she loves. It's a terrific series that I've read 3 times already. You will enjoy this and end with a smile."
    ~ Kissablysweetone
Lol the first thing you learn growing up in the NC country is NOT to walk in tall grass in shorts. We have stickers EVERYWHERE they're as bad as the kudzu
That's nice ! :D  I also write my onw verison, check here if you want :* Thanks !
it's kinda her fault he cheated on her yet she sleeps with him soo..
I will never wish of being friends with someone who cheated on me! Crazy world we are in.
He doesn't have the right to be jealous since he's the one that ruined their relationship
I love books about writers. It just puts me in my happy place :)