All the Wrong Reasons

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Shelby By Shelby Completed
They married for the wrong reasons.  He married her for the money and status, while she married him to start over again.  It doesn’t really matter why exactly they married, but what happens when he starts to feel something towards his own wife.   And what happens when the trouble she left behind catches up with her?
i so want my future husband to be afraid of my father.... =D
@shelbylw03 Don't worry, problem solved! I deleted the app and re downloaded it and now everything seems to be working just fine Yay! Can't wait to finish the book. You've got another loyal follower :)
I can only see the first page in every chapter. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? (New on wattpad, thanks for any help :)
How dare he be young and handsome, gosh just when you think you've found the right guy?
I have read this novel completely... from first till the very last. I loved it!
I just read the first chapter...
I can't stop to read it....