Trust,Love and Passion

Tia Cooper a shy girl in the city of Nottingham thought her life would be as normal as everyone else but, that's about to change when a handsome young werewolf comes and kidnaps make her marry 'the selected'.Who in the world is going to help her out of this??what will happen to her who lives a conservative life and has never been kissed? Aman is the forth son of the werewolf clan and is likely to be the next in line...... he was the playboy of the clan until the stupid oracle chose him to marry 'the selected'. Can he survive a marriage to the irresistible Tia who acts like an innocent virgin? Where will the Trust, Love and Passion take them to??Read and find out
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o.m.g . what does this mean ? will she be with him or his brother ? lets hope she picks him ? love it . xoxo
wow . what was that ? how quick did this all happen .? s she going to be alright ? xoxo
I have a friend named Aman and sure he got nice athletic body...oopss
I like this :)
Aman? It's so Indian... I LOVE IT! :D Especially since I have a friend named Aman! :p

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