Infatuated (Editing)

In the few short years that she has been an exotic dancer, Rayne Hanson has grown bored with her job. Every night it’s the same dance and same men throwing money at her in hopes of having one night with the jewel of the club until one night a new face walks in and completely mesmerizes her. She challenges herself to bring him to his knees like all the others but will soon realizes that she opened the wrong door with the wrong man. What begins as a game in the eyes of the bold and sassy beauty known as Treasure quickly turns into an unimaginable case of infatuation. What he wants, he always gets and no one will stand in his way.
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The chapter was amazing but I voted and commented just for your authors note at the end. Absolute genious : )
Love it! And your bio too, im a walking dead fanatic also. Im still sad shanes dead, although he was bad he was my boo thang! lol
I was scared for her in the beginning. 

so happy this isn't a twilight wannabe.
Im glad that I decided to read this, and I love the twilight comment at the end. Im a twilight fan but I hate when people try to imitate it.
the way you portray the emotions is just fantastic! dont let anybody criticize you! this book seems very positive and im sure the girl will be happy in the end!
When will u write the next chapter? This book needs to have bloody good end to its. Its just sòoooooooooo amazing

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