A Novelist

A troubled writer and an optimistic editor come at odds with each other when the novel they are editing threatens their grip on reality. Knowing no other way to escape the insanity, the editor swears to destroy it. However, the power between the novel and the author may be a greater threat than the editor had expected... _____________________ COVER EDITED BY EKS COMPLETED and EDITED 2014 EKS WATTYAWARD FINALIST PUBLISHED/COPYRIGHT _____________________ This story will be available on Amazon April 11, 2014
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To be Honest, I think the cover AND Trailer should be The Watty Awards "Special Awards" finalists as well. :D
Aha, I love how some people have put 'good' when its just the rights, aha, but I'm going to say, great quotes? Aha, on to the actual story..
It's so good! You should totally continue writing. The way you give description to things are wonderful. #VOTED \
I really do feel as if I'm reading a published book. WOW. I love this. AMAZING. SPECTACULAR. BEYOND AWESOME AND INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION. I voted:)
After reading the first page it made me want to finish the whole thing right now! It's great! Nice cover btw. Reading on!
I've seen this advertised on the Share Your Story thread and never clicked on it but always thought 'That sounds awesome'... And here I am!

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