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My name is Kaityln. People think I'm a loser because of everything I am or do just because I am smart and dorky. Since elementary school people have been bullying me because of my Scottish accent and my red hair. My parents always used to have my back whenever people said mean stuff to me even my brother's and sister. But all of that changed when my mom and dad got killed by some rogues, yep I'm a werewolf. So ever since then everyone has turned there backs on me even my brother's and sisters. I thought going into high school would make stuff better for me, but it didn't it just got worse. I just wish that I could find my mate so he could care and cherish for me but was I wrong. Werewolves find their mates at any age I found mine on the first day of high school, he was the alpha of our pack and well you all could have guessed he rejected me. That was the worst day of my life but I stayed strong and lived my horrible life. I got a chance to graduate at the age of 14 and I took it, anything to get anyway I didn't tell any one I left without saying a goodbye. But now I'm back stronger than ever and the new teacher for English.
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Totally loved tje first ending...:) too many cliche endings around... good job....
Looking forward to this because I'm scottish and rarely see anything to do with Scots on this!
i really think the book should have been called hello sweetie(if you watch doctor who you'll get it) :))
OMG! Bullies suck! I love accents, the Scottish accent is one of my favorites & red hair is so beautiful.
Oh my God!!! Thank you so so so much for the dedication! ^.^ I was seriously doing a happy dance in the middle of the kitchen ;D lol.

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