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My name is Kaityln. People think I'm a loser because of everything I am or do just because I am smart and dorky. Since elementary school people have been bullying me because of my Scottish accent and my red hair. I thought going into high school would make stuff better for me, but it didn't it just got worse. I just wish that I could find my mate so he could care and cherish for me but was I wrong. That was the worst day of my life but I stayed strong and lived my horrible life. But now I'm back stronger than ever and the new teacher for English.
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Awww I love Scottish accents there the cutest next to British, Astrailian and European
and in the end she is with a jerk...and is a wird ending...not so good...sorry
An english teacher AND a cop? Who has time for that? Is she working undercover at a high school to bust a high school drug ring or something?
Totally loved tje first ending...:) too many cliche endings around... good job....
I'm confused why would someone make fun of her if she has red hair doesn't everyone dye their hair red now. Plus who would make fun of an Scottish accent? Have you ever heard one they sound awesome!!
Looking forward to this because I'm scottish and rarely see anything to do with Scots on this!

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