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_miss_dizzyhead By _miss_dizzyhead Updated 2 years ago
I wanted to warn myself, but it was way too late. He had pulled the trigger.
TheDevilishAngel TheDevilishAngel 2 years ago
Brilliant story! Yeay I've missed your story very much. Always keep me in suspense in the end
AparnaMore AparnaMore 2 years ago
Some people look happy from outside,but deep down they are broken from inside :'(
Amazing story...please do write more!! I loved it <3
la_polla15 la_polla15 2 years ago
@miss_dizzyhead aha well yeah but great job anyways ...takes creativity && imagination for this!
la_polla15 la_polla15 2 years ago
Great story ,really wished it could have been longer though.!
kenzieh2 kenzieh2 2 years ago
Wow! Epic!! Sooo good!(: You need to make another one! Like a series that wpuld be sooo cool
Intoxicate Intoxicate 2 years ago
I'm crossing my fingers for maybe a short story about why he did it though. (;