Meet Joe Nobody . . . and pray he never meets you. He's average height, with an average build, and average looks - an instantly forgettable face in the crowd. Joe also happens to be a hit man, quite possibly one of the best in the world. He's so good, in fact, that most of his work life has settled into a comfortable routine, where everything goes according to plan, and nothing at all is surprising anymore. He's been just about everywhere, and he's seen it all. But Joe hasn't seen everything. Not yet . . . **WARNING** - This work contains several curse words and some extremely violent themes and situations throughout. I mean, the main character is a hit man . . . there's your first sign. You've been warned. **ADDITIONAL WARNING** - This is soooooooo first-draft-ish, so any problems you see logistically, thematically, or grammatically are all the fault of a combination of absinthe and overzealous fingers. And please, for god's sake, if you see something glaringly wrong, tell me about it! :)
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made me think of the movie Mr. Nobody. good start, though. I'm interested in reading more.
I actually added a what in the sentence and had to read over it again to get the picture in my head
Two pages in? Hooked. Bravo to you, Mr.@ironkite on a job well done!! I see why you have so many reads and comments and votes! Phenom. Nuff said.
I freaking love this. The writing is so good. I feel like I know this person (as scary as that is).
'Not to brag or anything, but I have tremendous martial art skills'

Yep. Definitely not bragging.
Maybe because then they'll have to say 'are' before the 'doing', and then that makes them sound like a little sissy girl...

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