100 Super Strange Super Powers: Uncommonly Used in Stories (Cheryl)

Having trouble finding a good super power for your story characters? Tired of hearing of the same old super powers? Do you need new ideas? Need inspirational hero and villain names? You have come to the right place. Read to discover just that.
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I think that falls under Prism Stars. Watch every pretty rhythm and you will see why.
This is actually a thing that some peole have. The kids will bite through their tongues without even realizing they're doing it.
Bummer I wanted that coffee machine to turn into a person and help me take over the world...
I used the electricity one, but I changed it a bit. I need usless powers in my story haha
If you're unable to die then that would be immortal, but in this sense wouldn't it be indestructible?
Number 56 is just scary and now I'm glad there are no super powers :| imagine a person knows everything you have said *shudders*

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