Watty Awards Werewolf Finalist 2012 & one of Wattpad's Most Read Werewolf Stories of 2013! The world of werewolves is changing. All packs are being forced to concede to a more powerful wolf, determined to have peace among the wolves. Emily’s boyfriend of 3 years is forced to take a bride, from another pack, in a political pairing. After one night out, the worst happens. She gets knocked up and had no idea just who her mystery man was.
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haha just kidding
sorry couldn't help it
anyone else seeing something wrong with her yet?

You don't usually throw up when you're depressed.
Eddy and Emily are not mates, so what is the matter! no worry girl! you will be okay!
oh what a worth reading story! 
i liked it and it's a different story.. why she is not a weres? 
her father is a werewolf but her mother is human? 

Let us find out! :-)
I'm really enjoying your works. Thanks for all the good reads I get to comment on.
That sucks. Guess it was an alpha order. I would've tried to get around it