Twisted Fate

Watty Awards Werewolf Finalist 2012 & one of Wattpad's Most Read Werewolf Stories of 2013! The world of werewolves is changing. All packs are being forced to concede to a more powerful wolf, determined to have peace among the wolves. Emily’s boyfriend of 3 years is forced to take a bride, from another pack, in a political pairing. After one night out, the worst happens. She gets knocked up and had no idea just who her mystery man was.
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I'm reading the series again!!! Seeeeee this is how excited this book makes me at 1:00am!!!:) I just pray u one day update again, when ur ready of course;)
If you love someone, set it free
If it was ment to be yours it will come back again
@Ruboshkaaa I might read another one of her books after this one. Thanks for telling me!
@LadyPolka because i read her other stories before this one. They are all connected.  you should read her other books. They are just as amazing as this one is.
@WishMeLycan because in this story werewolves have to be bitten to become werewolves, they are not born.
don't say its not for to you you probably not going to give a shit in the long run anyway!!! You get something out of this but she be a broken heart!!!

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