The life, we live as hunters (Supernatural fanfic)

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_chevy_girl01 By _chevy_girl01 Updated 2 years ago
Zoey and Sam are married and finally have a normal life. Well, as normal as it gets for a healer and a psychic. It is all good till 
Dean shows up and asks them to help them with a case. Will they go? 

Book 3: A follow up to The Hunters Ride Again
Melanyandersen Melanyandersen 2 years ago
@chevy_girl01 She was talking about the pregnancy. It goes on for like 9 months.
PoisonGirl PoisonGirl 2 years ago
I really liked that ending nice job I liked how had the original Episode and the script but changed it to ur own
angelofheaven angelofheaven 2 years ago
Hey,actualy it takes 9 to 10months right?u may wanna change tat.nd its really nice.