Operation Mona Lisa

Agent 0935 is perfect. Beauty, brains and an over-flowing aura of confidence. She was taken away from her mother during birth and bred into a killing machine by The Company. Since then, the experienced agent swore to herself, she will always have full control of her life, nothing will catch her by surprise and she will never fall in love. MBLAQ. The gangster leaders of underground society, top dog of the pack. The ones you'd pay for protection, the one's you'll look for when you want someone silenced, the ones that own the blackmarket, the booze and the prostitutes. Living the sweet life and rolling in cash because they are scared of no one and nothing. Agent 0935's mission? Watch her target gasp his last breath of air and drown in his own blood. Who's the target? Yang Seungho. Leader of MBLAQ.
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i really hope you can update regularly..i miss mblaq so much..cant wait for their comeblaq..fighting?
it was so good before can you keep the old one and post the new one together please

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