Caine is the Alpha of the Locus pack. Some say he’s strict, everyone knows he’s unforgiving, and most consider him cruel. After an incident three years ago that marked a very important part of his life, Caine decides to shut himself down from all emotion. Charlotte is a free spirit who relishes in being an easy going and friendly member of the Knight Pack. Thanks to a false accusation, Charlotte gets banished from her pack. Her Wolf has yet to make an appearance, and already Charlotte is left to wander around as a Rogue. Surely the Werewolf spirits wouldn’t pair the ruthless lonely Alpha with a lively outspoken girl who tries to live her life like a human….
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I don't blame him in all honesty. His brother was a traitor & so was his mate. He could've killed her right then & there
I wouldn't have kept her around either.... I'm just saying. I wouldn't have just dropped her off though. Maybe get her an apartment far away from me or something... Idk.
I would've killed them too.... Knock them out & send them packing? So they could come back with more weapons & more people? I don't think so *evil laugh* lol
Am I the only one who doesn't blame him not really anyways. Like the fact he didn't kill her on the spot for her betrayal was good enough tho he shouldn't have threatened the baby like for an alpha he went pretty easy on her
Since this sorry has started he has constantly contradicted his actions with his thinking. Not saying it can't happen...but geez ... make up your mind -_-
Hey! Babies, whether animal or human are pure innocence, they're not filth -_- filth is a brother murderer and a dude who screams at a pregnant chick, who's mate said brother murderer killed.

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