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_RainRibbon By _RainRibbon Updated 2 months ago
Little girls play with dolls, and grown men do, too. We are Barbie Dolls. We have blond hair, perfect smiles, and everything that is ideal. We have the men after us, and the women hate us. We are the entertainment, the game, the fun. But please men, be careful with us, take care of us, and put us right back when you're done with us. Thank-you.
thatdirectionx thatdirectionx 3 months ago
i was reading chapter 8 when i realized that this story doesnt have as much likes as it deserves.. so i've decided to post a comment on every chapter i read.. if it annoys you dear writer, let me know :)
WinterPlace WinterPlace 4 months ago
this is just said and so freaking good att he same time. . .
new-york new-york 8 months ago
this is such a unique plot and it's raw story. but it needs a little polishing, though. but other than that this is amazing :)
ticijana ticijana 10 months ago
No, she isn't, I don't really know how to explain it but she is a pole dancer and she looks like a barbie? Idk xD
KnightLights KnightLights a year ago
Life is plastic and so am I.

This is amazing and it isn't even my usual genre. Props.
Shermyla3 Shermyla3 a year ago
It's pretty awesome. I haven't read much more than the first few words, but i can already tell that i will be a really fun read. :)