Pink Cigarettes

Little girls play with dolls, and grown men do, too. We are Barbie Dolls. We have blond hair, perfect smiles, and everything that is ideal. We have the men after us, and the women hate us. We are the entertainment, the game, the fun. But please men, be careful with us, take care of us, and put us right back when you're done with us. Thank-you.
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this is such a unique plot and it's raw story. but it needs a little polishing, though. but other than that this is amazing :)
No, she isn't, I don't really know how to explain it but she is a pole dancer and she looks like a barbie? Idk xD
Life is plastic and so am I.

This is amazing and it isn't even my usual genre. Props.
It's pretty awesome. I haven't read much more than the first few words, but i can already tell that i will be a really fun read. :)
OMG love this book so far :) 

Just Bren liking the 50 year old man is discusting :/
Love everything about it. Just one flaw- Candice Swanepoel. :( I'm sorry, I absolutely cannot stand her. Fits the part, but...... no. :')

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