Kyle's already dismal life takes a turn for the worst when her colony is attacked by Creatures; the cannibalistic scraps of humanity left after a plague wiped out the majority of Earth. Accidently freeing a captured wild boy in her haste to survive the bloodbath, she acquires an odd ally. The pair set off into The Waste, forming a strained friendship as their worlds clash together with unyielding force.
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Great beginning! You have a great writing style! 

I spotted one mistake on the first page, paragraph ten, 'Unfortunately' is spelled wrong.

Love it so far!
A terrific beginning and terrific writing. Your prose flows really well. Can't wait to read more. =)
Woah, I love your writing style. And this story is extremely unique compared to all the cliché stories I'm used to reading.
You are an amazing writer. The descriptions are very vivid. I'm definitely going to continue reading!
defiantly an interesting beginning that draws the reader into the story because at this point, you don't really know much.
Amazing introduction to the story, it really draws you in and, grabs you and compel you to read on. 
Which is exactly what I'm gonna be doing!

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