How to Get Over Your Ex-Boyfriend in One Week?

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_Sweetfixer By _Sweetfixer Updated 2 years ago
Experiencing a painful heartbreak? Wondering how to make yourself feel better? Then this novel is just for you!

Lacelline just got dumped by her two-year boyfriend. With a broken heart and friends who don't have any idea how painful her dilemma is. Lacelline tries all sorts of things to get over her boyfriend, mend her broken heart and organize her life back to normal.

In One Week, by some kind of miracle, she did get over him and she didn't only get her life back but her ex-boyfriend wanting to have her back and a guy she owes her life to.

Now Lacelline has to face more than heart break, love, rejection but  also making the right decision. Hard ones that concerns her damaged but fully patched up heart.
xDestinee xDestinee 2 years ago
Hmm ryan sounds like a total jerk ._. Your starting was great, hooked me and i like how your story flows along the whole 3 pages, with not so lengthy paragraphs(:
omg_poptarts omg_poptarts 2 years ago
Oh cool!!! Dreams. Haha. 
But oh no. It's pedo man trying to save her!! I think it's her soon to be boyfriend :D in the dream at least. Haha. 

But hopefully you make her happy again :') like you know


Depressed. Lol
ymarocks ymarocks 2 years ago
Awesome start. The title grabbed my attention. Nicely done. :) @MhirraBella
BlackLightDevil BlackLightDevil 2 years ago
very nice very nice and thumbs up for your idea, it's really a good one and it can relate to many :)
ah the moment i read the title i came to know its humor..:-)

great start i think, and as everyone said originality in the plot is the strength of ur story..cover is good, length of the chapter is good..:-)

sorry for the late post of the comment..

amel123 amel123 2 years ago
you have good description and hardly any mistakes your plot is interesting and definitely original, keep it up x