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_CrazyEchelon4 By _CrazyEchelon4 Updated 2 years ago
Vanessa is just a normal 13 year old girl trying to get over the death of her Father. That is untill she goes onto the internet and talks to someone she dosen't even know. She has know idea what the person can do to her, and what the person knows. What happens to her? Read and find out.
I suck at descriptons so ya. Read if you want to find out! :D
xTwistedHeartsx xTwistedHeartsx 2 years ago
Well. This was intense. I think you brought her kidnapping into the story a little too quickly. Perhaps you could lengthen the amount of time that Vanessa talks to "Sarah." It is just a suggestion, the chapter was still really good.
Creature_simi Creature_simi 2 years ago
My first comment was 'innapropriate' fahk society, tryna bring meh down, f da system, f da popo. 
LOL done being weird, but seriously, i love it.
passerbyarmy99 passerbyarmy99 2 years ago
Holy crap, it's already intense! Besides the few grammar and spelling mistakes, it's great! Unfortunately I can't keep reading right at this morning because I have homework, BUT! I will keep reading as soon as I finish :D
Story_Teller_oxox Story_Teller_oxox 2 years ago
my heart litrally stopped when he broke into her house.. i was like O_O good story line though, i shall read on! :D:D
SexyDogBuns SexyDogBuns 2 years ago
@CrazyEchelon4 uh.........bahaha WELL SHIT! XD

He would have ONE NOSTRIL! and only one! xD

BWHHHAA AND YES!! INDEEDITH!! :D I want a pet Tarantula named Aragog and I'm going to make him a leash and teach him to lick peopel! :D <3 AWE!!! XD
xmonstermunchx xmonstermunchx 2 years ago
WHOA, THIS IS ACTUALLY COOL.  Yeah, i like it c: update soon, please? :D