A Damned Nation - A Wattpad Trilogy

Could you kill a parent or a friend or a neighbor? Could you even imagine having to kill another human being? What if you had no choice in the matter? What if a moments hesitation could mean paying with your own life? What if it was kill or be killed? The living have been over-run by the dead and days seem a lot longer without television or the internet. In a world of murder, death and disease, only the strong can hope to survive, the rest will perish, or join the army of the undead. Follow Mark and a small group of survivors as they struggle to survive hell on Earth. Watch as they battle through their home town in search of supplies, shelter, and fellow survivors to try and reach the city where it has been rumored that survivor colonies have set up. On top of this, Mark and his sister must hope that somewhere along the way, the can be reunited with their parents whom they were separated from at the start. However reaching the city is easier said than done. The streets are plagued with flesh eating monsters, not every survivor is who they may seem, life is not exactly easy and it can only get worse. It's survival of the fittest. The time has come, the world is ending and now the living envy the dead.
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I really liked this!

I can vividly picture the image of the bar in front of me, I wish I could see a picture of it, it sounds so cool!
I think it was a good idea.  Have you watched the Walking Dead?  stuff like that is good for getting ideas.
@MadeInWicklow Okay!!!! *Walks up to Bruno and drop kicks him* Ha Ha What Now Bruno!!!!!! :^)
I have been meaning to read this for AGES. And now I'm finally reading it, and very glad I am :)
No, I  meant the person who commented before me, they were being really fussy about tiny details and it didn't seem necessary...
@MadeInWicklow Really it works that well? I find it glitchy but have access to it. I'd use my iMovie but it crashes everytime,

Sounds Cool to me :)

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