Forgive and Forget

He found his soulmate at an early age. He rejected her. Not so he could play around but because she was so young. Years and years of hurting each other. Can they put things behind them and be together?
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Dude your f├╝cking 14! One year older!!! What the heck did you do during your childhood years? Did you lose your virginity at 7? Like WTF?
he really did f that up. sigh. he had a good reason, but he shouldn't of made the decision for her...that was her call to make.
Thank you. I really enjoyed the story. I look forward to reading your other works.
I read this book when it only had 5 chapters and Ur getting better but its still not even in compittion with ur other books
Ok now they are just purposefully hurting each other. Can't wait for Harper's pov
Im reading Scared Alpha and its awesome soooo its time to see how awesome this story will be!! :p

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