Crystal Hearts: The Crystal Key (ON HOLD)

13-year-old Morgan has stumbled upon something strange: a passage to a secret world. Myths, monsters, and all the creatures she had ever dreamed of existed in an alternate dimension known as the Crystal Realm. But living a life of fantasy is definitely not for the faint of heart. Morgan and four of her friends gain the ability to control the elements, and are pulled into a quest of good vs. evil to overthrow the Enforcers. As if that isn't enough, they must also save the entire realm of Dimensia from the clutches of the Fallonine - a super-race that was the product of a freak accident and has since spread like a virus. One mistake could cost them not only their own lives, but the lives of millions across the globe. An ancient prophecy. A destiny of epic proportions. The ultimate sacrifice. When the fate of the entire world is resting on the shoulders of five kids, nothing is as it seems...
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Are you Morgan from Flipnote Hatena? You gave ur wattpad name and i had to see ur stories! I'm a huge fan and i love ur Crystal Hearts story on Hatena too!
I love your books. I also am working on a book because you have given me a reason to write about something I like: extraterrestrial things
I like this version better so far than the one one flipnote, but on flipnote you can actually see what's happening. either way, IT'S LIKE, THE BEST STORY EVUR.
I have seen your series since day one on Hatena, I watch your vlogs on YouTube, I'm reading The Winged, I'm inspired by you, I am a true Morgan Fan. Great book!
Wow I love both of the versions you made the flip note one and the computerized one ^-^
i can't decide what i like better the flipnote or the story here. They are njust both brillant to see.

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