Bad hair day big style!
gailrunschke gailrunschke 2 years ago
A delightful, hair-raising poem, very funny and skilfully rhymed, voteworthy.  Bonne annee!
awaytoescape awaytoescape 2 years ago
amazing poem. loved it!!
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Candrix Candrix 2 years ago
Loved this. so clever the way you use words to describe the bad hair day. Awesome!
EyesOfRain EyesOfRain 2 years ago
omg! I have literally had a day like this, although I didn't end up with Red hair just ultra blond! I looked washed out and my hair was damn near dead. LOL.... to me this borders on a horror story as I recall that dreadful day.
grapher grapher 2 years ago
A delightful little scenario to observe if not to experience>A fun piece>
VividFire VividFire 2 years ago
Ahahhaha I loved this! Very enjoyable and fun! :) Rhyming was superb and made it flow smoothly!