Prince with benefits

Emily's heartbreak makes her go to the one place she hated most: England. Out of the blue, she meets Prince Scott... They become friends and in a short time...feelings arise... Could Emily let herself be happy? Could it be real? or could it be a no-strings-attached kind of thing? Could they have a chance of being a real couple?
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I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't stop reading it. I think I'll even read it again soon. Great work!!!
@BritishTeenageGirl come on, really? I mean she had to choose some place for the story, obviously something good happens there....
I really really love it. it's my first time to read in wattpad and it's really good.
I really loved the story and I can't stop reading it until I finished. The way you write is really amazing as well. So kudos 
Can people stop sending any hates towards 1D? I mean, they had nothing to do with this story tho ..
Idk why but the way you write the title with no capitals bothers me lol, but anyway i'd love to start reading this story, seeing the reviews are goos ;)

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