Prince with benefits

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gabycabezut By gabycabezut Updated 6 days ago
Emily's heartbreak makes her go to the one place she hated most: England. 

Out of the blue, she meets Prince Scott...

They become friends and in a short time...feelings arise...

Could Emily let herself be happy? Could it be real? or could it be a no-strings-attached kind of thing?

Could they have a chance of being a real couple?
hellostar11 hellostar11 4 days ago
im a pilipina and i surprised cause i heard Starbucks that place is my pastime when i want to drink a hazelnut coffee
hellostar11 hellostar11 6 days ago
i really like the story which means to me a lot,
she hate England just because of what he Ex-fiancee did to her and her Best friend half-sister too. It hurt too much
photo13 photo13 3 months ago
It's very interesting i loved it❤❤❤❤ however it's too long but I managed to finish and really how could she hate England???????
GretchSegoviaNifras GretchSegoviaNifras 4 months ago
after one im gonna read this 2nd time around.. and hoping to finish this time... first reading not that interested
LMLusax LMLusax 4 months ago
I don't like the summary. it didn't realy interest me but because of the number of readers reading this book I'm giving it a try
SicklySweetStranger SicklySweetStranger 4 months ago
@PraisePanganiban Yeah me too it's like the picture isn't Compatible with the Title but I realize that I'm giving this book a try !!