Prince with benefits

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ShyGabs By ShyGabs Updated 3 months ago
After finding her fiancé with her step-sister, Emily must confront her past by moving away to England where her life will change in the most unpredictable manner.
By accident, she stumbles upon a handsome stranger that turns out to be Prince Scott, future King. Unimpressed by that fact, they embark on a strange yet heated up relationship that follows them to London.
Prince with benefits is a humorous and steamy romance story set in contemporary London. 
Follow Emily and Scott as they endure an obsesive ex, the pestering paparazzi and the heat of the British Crown.
Well, that's assuring since if I get a scholarship, I'll be sent to UK. By the government of my country since we used to be a Brit protectorate state.
That's a beautiful cover. Are you planning to enter that contest? Which book?

Rob, wandering around
Heyyyyyyyy! England is not that bad. It may be cold and wet and always raining but I assure you mitts not that BA ghe xx
Nah, you don't mean that hate, I know! LoL, how could you love this magical city? LoL I know :D
A suggestion? Take out that fourth paragraph in this 'description? prologue?' as it feels repetitive to the third.

please read my story. 
Thank you and happy monday (though mondays aren't generally happy days)