Prince with benefits (to be published)

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ShyGabs By gabycabezut Updated 6 months ago
After finding her fiancé with her step-sister, Emily must confront her past by moving away to England where her life will change in the most unpredictable manner.
    By accident, she stumbles upon a handsome stranger that turns out to be Prince Scott, future King. Unimpressed by that fact, they embark on a strange yet heated up relationship that follows them to London.
    Prince with benefits is a humorous and steamy romance story set in contemporary London. 
    Follow Emily and Scott as they endure an obsesive ex, the pestering paparazzi and the heat of the British Crown.
    A/N: This is the unedited version, bear than in mind :)
i search some story and now i'm reading. 
                                    ed westwick :) how happy i'm
Lmfao these comments
                                    Everyone on Wattpad has such a dirty mind...
                                    GUILTY AND PROUD
Well, that's assuring since if I get a scholarship, I'll be sent to UK. By the government of my country since we used to be a Brit protectorate state.
That's a beautiful cover. Are you planning to enter that contest? Which book?
                                    Rob, wandering around
Heyyyyyyyy! England is not that bad. It may be cold and wet and always raining but I assure you mitts not that BA ghe xx
Nah, you don't mean that hate, I know! LoL, how could you love this magical city? LoL I know :D