Prince with benefits

Emily's heartbreak makes her go to the one place she hated most: England. Out of the blue, she meets Prince Scott... They become friends and in a short time...feelings arise... Could Emily let herself be happy? Could it be real? or could it be a no-strings-attached kind of thing? Could they have a chance of being a real couple?
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Is it just me, or do u hate it when the main character delves into a long description about them selves. Let me figure out who u r and wat ur like.
Hey it's me! Except I and French and Mexican = Frenchixcan. And my eyes are blue, brown, and gold. My lil bro has those green eyes though. Totally gorg
I don't like the summary. it didn't realy interest me but because of the number of readers reading this book I'm giving it a try
@PraisePanganiban Yeah me too it's like the picture isn't Compatible with the Title but I realize that I'm giving this book a try !!
I know right? It'd be completely crazy and impossible for that to happen! Ha!
Omg that's my friend literally but not the British accent she has green eyes tanned skin and she's Mexican

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