Sad Short Stories That Will Make You Cry

A collection of sad stories that will probably not make you cry, but will bring you close to doing so.
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stop arguing about at this heaven and hell nonsense!  it's her story and he or she can do wut ever they want!
He would indeed go to hell if he commited suicide, not heaven. But if you want that to happen in your story, go right ahead! :)
thats not sad. that actually happens to people so you dont do that. because thats telling people pretty much to commit suicide
He may not be in heaven, at least it feels like one when he's with his beloved. (T-T){ I'd cry if that would happen)
How could he get into the Heaven if the cause of his Death is suicide?? Boom....
Wow that the first sad story I have ever cried reading and I have read thousands thanks xoxoxox

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