Sad Short Stories That Will Make You Cry

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Sexfairy13 By Sexfairy13 Updated a year ago
A collection of sad stories that will probably not make you cry, but will bring you close to doing so.
@CozyNinja i know that it makes me sound like a douche but I didn't mean for it to tho and to me it is true
"You ignores me when I needed your attention."
                                    *Ahem* "You IGNORED me when I needed your attention."
                                    Jeez, her grammar is BAD!
yes you do. the bible states god accepts everyone and everyone is sent to the kingdom of heaven.
if he killed himself why would he go to heaven altho there are many flaws it is a good story over all but its not something that i would want toread more about sorry
urm....sorry to say this but doing suicide will not take you to Heaven...Im not being rude, I just want to tell the truth. But the story was good ^^
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God may forgive, but not when you kill yourself. It's like him giving you the gift of life, then  you spitting it right in his face.