Sad Short Stories That Will Make You Cry

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Sexfairy13 By Sexfairy13 Updated 10 months ago
A collection of sad stories that will probably not make you cry, but will bring you close to doing so.
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If she wants him to make the right choice, maybe she shouldn't have left the gun in the box to encourage him to kill himself.
This one is stupid. Who would do that, even for true love? I don't get it.
I read a story similar to this one.. I liked the other one better, I just don't get this one
urm....sorry to say this but doing suicide will not take you to Heaven...Im not being rude, I just want to tell the truth. But the story was good ^^
I thought that when you commit suicide,you go to hell.....BTW,This is sad D:
fking stupid. it's not even a sad story, it would be a sad story if the guy never went to heaven and found himself rotting in hell and he'll never ever see his girl again