Sad Short Stories That Will Make You Cry

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Sexfairy13 By Sexfairy13 Updated a year ago
A collection of sad stories that will probably not make you cry, but will bring you close to doing so.
umm.... committing suicide doesn't get u in heaven its the total opposite
if he killed himself why would he go to heaven altho there are many flaws it is a good story over all but its not something that i would want toread more about sorry
This one is stupid. Who would do that, even for true love? I don't get it.
I read a story similar to this one.. I liked the other one better, I just don't get this one
urm....sorry to say this but doing suicide will not take you to Heaven...Im not being rude, I just want to tell the truth. But the story was good ^^
I thought that when you commit suicide,you go to hell.....BTW,This is sad D: