Freaks in the City - Excerpt Only

The sequel to Freaks of Greenfield High: True love isn’t a cake-walk when your girlfriend’s a cyborg! The timing couldn’t be worse for Jay to take her relationship with Tyler to the next level—especially when her idea of “the next level” proves to be vastly different to Tyler’s. Building a life together and adapting to each other’s quirks is challenging enough without the secrets they’re keeping blowing up in their faces. Their relationship is tearing Tyler’s family apart. Worse, the ex-girlfriend from hell shows up on their doorstep, destitute and desperate for a place to stay until she sorts out the latest hot mess she’s embroiled in. Jay’s not exactly thrilled about Tyler’s ex turning up out of the blue, but it’s better to keep your enemies close, right? Sure enough, the ex has an agenda. But discovering who is manipulating her behind the scenes isn’t easy, even for a super-smart computer-savvy cyborg. Then a vulnerable member of Tyler’s family is threatened, forcing Jay to confront a ghost from her past who’ll stop at nothing to destroy her. And this time, the weapon he’s chosen to take Jay out with really could be the death of her. For more information about the author, please go to: To find out where to buy this book, please go to:
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All of your books are amazing!! I'm in love with them! Are you putting the full story on here please? :)
this is a really good start and im happy that you'd written a sequel because i loved the first one :)
Awesome story so far! Loved the first one so this one is going to be twice as good!
shes either pregnant or sick, but she said something about being old and gray so im leaning more towards pregnant, hows that??? lol
@MareeAnderson could you pls post more although its an excerpt only. In india u don't get these books so I can't buy it!
@MareeAnderson It turned out all fine in the end so I'm not complaining. On a more serious note, do you plan on a sequel or a paralel story?

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