The Only One [ManxMan]

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_AVeryDaringGirl By _AVeryDaringGirl Updated a year ago
Asher Staten lost his best friend. But it wasn't because of an accident or anything of that nature. No, he lost Sam because he revealed to him that he was gay. His 'friend' called him disgusting and cut off all ties to him. Asher had fallen into a deep depression and the one person who helped him through it was his mother. Once she passed away Asher was left alone and he worked as hard as he could to get through college and law school. 
Now, it's been eight years since that horrible night and Asher is on a business trip to Barcelona. A chance encounter, the upheaval of past heartache and the admission of his heart's desires lead Asher down the path to the rest of his life as he knows it.
LovelyLady68 LovelyLady68 2 months ago
The first one is the hardest.  It's the one that teaches you to guard you heart.
  Keep writing and I will keep reading