My Bow Tie Wearing, Alien Lover (Doctor Who FanFiction)

"I'm Madison by the way. Madison Lauren Kristin Brown, Maddy for short. I'm an alien. A Time lord to be exact. That's me. An alien posing as a human living on Earth, while saving other planets from other alien threats. Simple life, right?" Madison Brown is Time Lord living on Earth. Every day she goes to other planets and countries to try and save civilizations from death. Maddy knows she's not the only Time Lord out there. She's heard of The Doctor but she's never met him. But she doesn't want to. She's heard the stories of the Oncoming Storm and the trails of destruction he's left behind. But when their lives collide in Paris while stopping a Cyberman invasion, will Maddy change her mind about the bow tie wearing alien?
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This reminds me of daleks a lot...I'm on the fifth season of doctor who on Netflix and I am SO DONE with daleks!
I agree with you. I think she should be called a Time Lady. All the other books I have read with a girl Time Lord have it as Time Lady and not Time Lord.
@elizabeth_nutella It would be even more chaos if they put a fangirl in there too. Namely me...
I want to be a Pond just so he can say "Come along Pond." I have no clue if that is good or bad...
It's so confusing Isn't it? I thought gallifrayan was the language? @elizabeth_nutella
When she opened one eye is it just me who thinks of the doctor in The Wedding of Riversong and he was supposed to be shot? No? Okey then

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