Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts

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TalliRoland By TalliRoland Updated 2 years ago
Does every relationship deserve a second chance?

When chief romantic Rose Delaney scores her dream job at London's quirkiest new attraction, The Museum of Broken Hearts, she thinks she's got it made. Sure, it's a little depressing dealing with relics of failed relationships each day, but Rose is determined not to let it break her 'love conquers all' spirit. After discovering the museum's handsome curator is nursing a broken heart of his own, Rose steps in to fix it. Can Rose heal the rift, or will this happy ending go awry?
DancesInTheRain DancesInTheRain 8 days ago
I think, somewhere along the way, she got a very unhealthy sense of romance into her head. Yes, sometimese relationships get back on track after derailing. But in a lot of cases, it's not healthy for either party to try to put two puzzle pieces together when they don't fit anymore.
Paperholic Paperholic 23 days ago
I love how  she is sooo in tune with her sanity. Notice the sarcasm
luvthtlei luvthtlei a month ago
This is such a great book so far. I'll definitely be reading it to the very end.
AlexanderSeta AlexanderSeta a month ago
For some reason, I keep reading it with a British accent. Sorry just had to get that out. But other than that, this chapter gives a lot of element to the people within the story and brings in intrigue that draws readers out. An interesting story.
KayTro KayTro 2 months ago
You made me miss living in London! :( You've captured it perfectly.
ThoseWhoFaceDeath ThoseWhoFaceDeath 2 months ago
Are we not going to talk about the guy practically dry humping her in public?