Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts

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Talli Roland By TalliRoland Completed
Does every relationship deserve a second chance?

When chief romantic Rose Delaney scores her dream job at London's quirkiest new attraction, The Museum of Broken Hearts, she thinks she's got it made. Sure, it's a little depressing dealing with relics of failed relationships each day, but Rose is determined not to let it break her 'love conquers all' spirit. After discovering the museum's handsome curator is nursing a broken heart of his own, Rose steps in to fix it. Can Rose heal the rift, or will this happy ending go awry?
I think obsessed with the idea of him and not in love is a better descriptor here, but totally agree
I hate this emails -,- especially cuz at school we've got tablets and the teachers can see what you're doing so when i open my emails and that pops up its sort of uncomfortable
i love how her life seems so disfunctional and strange, it gives of a nice feel!
Hey, it is okay to be with a shorter guy. Love knows no bounds. Stop being so judgemental and scornful. :/
Wow I am getting a progressively bad impression of her. With every passage, her deluded notions are suffocating me. It's good to be huge on optimism and positivity but this woman seems to have a jaded concept of love. Wow.
She is so optimistic. It's nice to read of her cheery take to the situation.