A Decided Fate

“Angoor was wearing a dark green suit with red polka dots. That was the first thing I noticed. The buttons of his suit were stretched to their limits and there were sweat patches on his armpits. His shirt was neon yellow and buttoned to his neck with his double chin bulging out. The double chin was layered like an American burger, my obese brother Dawoud’s chin a British burger in comparison. His face looked like his mum had used up a whole pot of Vaseline to moisturise. He sat there making himself at home. One word from my Mum and I knew he’d have his feet up on the coffee table.” 24 year old Sophia knew since she was a little girl that she’d have an arranged marriage, that was just the way of Bangladeshi culture. What she didn’t expect was to meet men like Angoor, a man who clearly belonged to Victorian Britain. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Will she find true love through her Mum’s matchmaking antics or has fate got something else in store for her?
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Great start! it's got me hooked already, can't wait to see what comes next (and thank you for dedicating to me ;]) xx
Arranged Marriage storyline? Interesting (: makes me want to read for originality
lol 24 yrs is old a grandmother xD I'm Asian but good thing my family doesn't follow those kind of things :) nice start, it makes me want to read more.
This was a good start, it had a good flow to it and I spotted no errors so I guess your editor is good aha :)
I like it so far. You really know how to draw people in and make them want to read more.
This is a great start! :) It's short and to the point, and you really get a feel for your protagonist from the get-go. Good work! :) Voted! :)

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