Snotty rich kid? Count me out.

**One Direction FanFic** Erica has been being abused by her aunt and cousin for 4 years now. When her aunt has to let 5 famous kids stay at their house for awhile, they find out Erica's secret. Do they care? Or do they just walk away?
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No, you're not, laugh and the world laughs with you. Piss and you're the only one pissing...
About the unicorn not the abuse that's sick who would think to do that to their children?
Ok so im kinda like one d but no so much to be reading books bout them....... Shows you that im a reader......     (meaning i have read alot of books on here)
I would have slapped her back aaaahhh I <3 this story thx for writting it luv ya , not in a creapy way
i swear you leave me in a cliff hanger, i will not be happy at ALL! jk, but im sorta serious
Hmmm... Rosie is a b**** and Sara needs a therapist. They send the richest guests to there house why?? Good story though.

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