The New Queen of Dawn

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BeyondTheSilverMoon By BeyondTheSilverMoon Updated 2 years ago
Everyones 18th Birthday is suppose to be special, joyful, happy that you're finally entering old enough to do anything, but not to Valarie Cortez. She's spending the rest of her Birthday unhappy and recovering from a car crash in the hospital. Maria is the only family she has left, and this bring her to move from Spain, to leave her past behind.
But that changes her life.
Her decisions.
Her thoughts.
Her dreams.
Her feelings.

The Prince of Romania, Adrian Samuels, needs to find a wife before his father makes him marry someone he doesn't truly love. Not only is he a Prince, but also a vampire, a soul-less creature. To all humans, he is simply plain and beautiful in their eyes. Tired of all these things, Adrian runs away.

Valarie is the only human that knows what creature he is, and why he ran away. She's the only person he'll ever love, but will other vampires, enemies, allow him to love her? Will his father all him to be with her after what happened in 1952?
htcsc78 htcsc78 3 years ago
hi I'm new to this book and I meant to ask is she having a out of body experience in the beginning when she crashes with her mom?
Rearea1998 Rearea1998 3 years ago
okay so I only have time to read the first page, but I added to my library and plan on reading the rest when i am done cleaning the house (: I thought it was excellent or what I read of it and cant wait to read more (:
Young_Wild_Free Young_Wild_Free 3 years ago
Okay, I know I've commented probably more then a 100 times but ... I love your idea here! (Helping you, remember? ;)..)
LittleSheWolf LittleSheWolf 3 years ago
Seriously creepy dream sequence, and sad about the mum - well written :)
xxBookwormxx97 xxBookwormxx97 3 years ago
damn it you were right i do want to read more :D aww i feel bad for her mommy i dont know what i would do without my mom. this was fantastic. teh vocab and writing flow :D
Young_Wild_Free Young_Wild_Free 3 years ago
Almas, this is such an awesome story! Loved this chapter! :D