iBrain Hack

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Xena By malibunerd Updated 3 years ago
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    In the year 2093, Apple creates the iBrain, an innovative computer that becomes part of the human brain. Droyd, Apple's main rival has nothing like the product. Yet, the determined Droyd authority figures know that they need a similar product. So they plan to get ideas by asking iHack, the world's most notorious hacker to help them.
    Katrina Solbay is the daughter of Mark Solbay, the CEO of Apple. Being the daughter of one of the world's wealthiest people, she is extremely overprotected. Katrina longs for friends her own age. She wants to befriend any person, even if that person is iHack and they meet while he is hacking her brain.
    Seventeen year old Khloe Klees's beloved friend, Rob, is holding a secret from her. She grows worried, and then jealous, wondering what he doesn't want her to know so badly. She wants to find out, so decides to ask Rob's mysterious neighbor, Sam, for help...
    Rob is a teenaged boy, living with his grandmother. He is afraid to tell Khloe what he is hiding from her, because he is afraid she will no longer like him if she finds out. On top of all that, he has to deal with his annoying, nerdy neighbor, Sam.
    Sam Shaw is a regular sixteen year old geek. He is obsessed with computers and always has the newest Apple product. He doesn't have any friends. But the reason why he keeps himself distanced from others is because he is a fugitive. He is the notorious iHack. 
    Without knowing it, after accepting Droyd's job offer, Sam gets himself involved in something even more difficult than hacking the hardest software... being a teenager.
@malibunerd  Yh that's good, the prologue needs to have as much detail and well you already have it. I look forward to reading more of your work!
Woow!!! I'll be honest, this was actually not my type of book to read but then see it was different and i actually seemed to like it, your writing is very detailed so i have to congratulate you on that. Well- done. A 13 year old who can write like this, boy you are going to go far. Watch.