*breathe in deep, hold on tight, eye to eye, grin to grin, fall on in, please...

a short collection of sometimes delightful, sometimes sad, sometimes dark poems. there's a little something for everyone. you may see biker poetry, love, lust, and revenge. something new every so often, so visit when you need to escape the everyday..
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Nuts and fruit and chocolate and other good stuff, but mostly nuts.

Yup yup.

So much work! I am only an amateur gardener, so I cannot wait to have this problem :))
This is sweet and unique. I think when it comes to writing  your a cookie that is a cut above the rest.

But lard makes the most delicious cookies!  I'm not saying lard is healthy, but it's tasty.
@blazeelliott Haha, yes I did :) Very well. Goodbye and have fun with your third (O.O) sinkfull!
@blazeelliott Watermelon! Watermeeeelllllloooonnnn! I want some! Meeeee! Give ME some! PLEASE!! :D
Ps. Oh, you're quite welcome! This is a great poem! :D

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