*breathe in deep, hold on tight, eye to eye, grin to grin, fall on in, please...

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blazeelliott By blazeelliott Updated 2 years ago
a short collection of sometimes delightful, sometimes sad, sometimes dark poems.  there's a little something for everyone.  you may see biker poetry, love, lust, and revenge.  something new every so often, so visit when you need to escape the everyday..
BrianGroover BrianGroover 7 months ago
Nuts and fruit and chocolate and other good stuff, but mostly nuts.

Yup yup.

EyesOfRain EyesOfRain 2 years ago
This is sweet and unique. I think when it comes to writing  your a cookie that is a cut above the rest.
RoderickYoung RoderickYoung 2 years ago

But lard makes the most delicious cookies!  I'm not saying lard is healthy, but it's tasty.
@blazeelliott Awesome :) have you read them? What did you think of them?
Rinneko Rinneko 2 years ago
the cookies wait in anticipation :) an unique approach. i love it :D
knightwriter knightwriter 2 years ago
A fun read on the surface but if we open up this fortune cookie the message inside reads:  be yourself, strive to be different in a  cookie cutter world where there are too many cookies who all look and think a like, And that's the way the cookie crumbles.  lol.  ~)K