Kidnapped with R5

Melissa Thomas isn't your average teenage girl. Her life is pretty messed up, But this story has a strange twist in it... Her over protective crazy friends know about her secrets. Only those 2 crazy friends and 1 really good friend know about it.As a late birthday present, Melisa finds herself kidnapped with her favorite band...After her horrible life, Will Melissa finally crack and break down? will she go insane? and what about her favorite band? how will she react when she see's them? or, more importantly, what will they do when they meet her and find out about her horrible life after she cracks? Let's just say not EVERYONE is perfect.
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Charmed and doctor who best shows ever your like my new best friend and this book is vary good
My dog is named Sugar Cookie and she is also crazy. She is a Border Collie German Shepherd tho and we call her Sugar for short
Half filipino and half chinese, not a singles american nor british gene in my body, but fell in love with both cultures
I love this girl,she likes doctor who,charmed and supetnatral,just like me! Her life is so sad though!
ok so I read this whole story and I love it but please post the sequel I need more
You are like basically describing me. the vein, scar (except its on my left), brown eyes, hair

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