The Lost Uchiha (A Naruto Fanfiction) [On Hold]

Raiden Uchiha was born to a beautiful family but what happened after his birth that caused him to become one of Orochimaru's prisoner's and test subject? And what happened to his family ? He doesn't know his past or if he even has any family but by a lucky get away and a savior he finally gets to the Konoha village where he finds friends, love, enemies, a home, and his lost past. Follow him in his adventure and see how the story unravels !
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Wow. I know almost squat about Nautro yet I can read this and understand what's going on! You did a great job! I can wait to read more.
I love it!!! I hope you complete it... I'm so excited to find out what happens next  ~ ( =^.^= ) ~
This is good. I wonder why Nori wouldn't tell him she's his sister, and why is she there? Does she not recognize him....?

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