The Promise

Nikki Dean and Blaine Roy are different in many ways. Nikki's parents are never home, causing a giant wave in her life. Blaine Roy, the daughter of famous actor, Darren Roy. Blaine and her family are staying in California for the summer, CALIFORNIA! What Blaine doesn't know is that she'd never expect to become friends with Nikki Dean! This story is about long distance friendship, growing up, making new friends, and most of all, staying true to yourself as you do so.
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Recent Comments Read my story please <3. - Btw I love this!
This is a great story, buy I don't believe a Mother would do that to her children and let them be dragged away?..
I %uE328 this amazing story. 
Re-reading helps to understand it better. 
:Q <------- I made a smiley face for you. 
Re-reading this whole awesome story. 
I don't know why but I like Blaine because she is so stuck up. 
Idk I have a weird brain
It awesome so far i love it! i like how theres this rivalry between the to when there lives r so similar!
ahahahahahahahahaha! oh man dat was soo funny to me i wish dis were real so i can c da look on der faces lmao xD
upload soon plz!!! =D 
i love it!!! 

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