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_KickinViolets By _KickinViolets Updated 2 years ago
Put a small town girl and a troubled billionaire rock star stranded in the middle of nowhere after a freak accident. The rock star’s a total brat and the girl is sick of his whole superstar image. 

She wants to get home, he wants his hair gel. But they both know there's someone out to kill them. Working together to get themselves back into civilization is not something they'd love to do, but do they really have a choice?
luke_is_here luke_is_here 2 years ago
As your first serious story on wattpad, you deserve a standing ovation this is really good :D
arristaCAT arristaCAT 2 years ago
EhhhMeeeeehhhGawwwwwwwd you dedicated it to me!!!!!
I feel so honored right now!!
I feel like I just won an olympic medalll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp I soooo excited <3