School Tales 04 - Pip (lgbt - slash - boyxboy)

Pip has this thing she does which can annoy some and help others. She likes to record peoples conversations, analyse them, then learn to understand people better. What happens when Pip doesn't do her thing. A huge mess is what happens, when it all could have been avoid if Pip had just done her thing.
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I don't know about anyone else but I believe that Joel just bit! As we say here in America Hook, line and sinker! Yeah he is in!
Sorry no THEM I need yo get a new phone! Or read my comments BEFORE I post them!
I feel for Derek. It makes me sad that he found out it was Cain and extremely proud of him for realizingn how Cain was feeling. I absolutely love Derek now. XD
Wow pop always has this crazy plans... I hope cian and derek get there happy ending. Upload soon. When will your supernatural mxm story comes out.
Yay yup posted more! I love it as always :)

Thank you for the dedication too!  <3
@RaeKitano Thank you so much for the dedication. I was so surprized and happy. You are so sweet.

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