If You Ever Come Back [A Twilight FanFic] Unedited

Bella is still waiting. Edward left her a long time ago and never came back. What if New Moon never took place and Alice never saw Bella jump? What would have happened if Bella never saw those bikes and never got that rush from hearing Edward? What if Laurent never came to check on Bella because he was killed by the wolves? What if the wolves killed Victoria that fateful day in the woods? Bella has nothing to worry about anymore because since New Moon never happened the Volturi don't even know her. Bella still waits finally graduating high school. Renee is there to see her daughter but this isn't her daughter anymore. Bella is a shadow of her former self. She's paler than normal and not to mention her body is almost nothing but skin and bones. Renee convinces Bella to leave Forks and attend college somewhere else. So she does and leaves Forks to go to college. Only to return after a fateful encounter that changes her life once again. No matter how much Edward didn't want her to be a part of his life she is forever scared with the problem of his world. So Bella waits hoping that if he ever comes back he'll still want her or at least want to see her.
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You seem to be using the same words a lot... maybe you should look at a thesaurus. o3o It's good, though. :3
Man you made me cry..... I wish for more love between those to... My dad never loved me so to read this makes me smile and yea... :) Love it....
Great so far :) Man I just hate to think I have to start at the begining now that I have read this :D
This is an excellent story, so far! You're a better Twilight writer than Stephanie, imo.

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