Letters To A Poor Boy || Nouis

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Louis Tomlinson is rich. Completely, utterly, filthy rich. His parents are some of the richest in the world. He's living the life in his four-story mansion, super hot girlfriend, and a very, very nice ride. The thing is, all he cares about is himself.

Niall Horan is poor. As in, has no home, poor. He's able to stay at a local orphanage in his hometown, but it's not much of a home anymore. He's able to stay only by helping out at the shelter. He does everything and anything to help others around him.

Complete opposites, yet completely the same.

What happens when these two young lads are brought together by a series of letters?
i got some things for christmas i didnt get no bag of patience to deal with your bs
Thanks and you don't really have to apologize but anyways I accept your apology :)
No it's ok everyone gets b.itchy at times, I forgive you it's ok and thank you for the apology and I also want to apologize for the way I acted and I hope you can forgive me maybe? ☺️ @purplekoala77
Ok I am sorry. I get really b*tchy when I start fighting with people. Forgive me for being a jerk. Also I'm sorry for your situation and you have been through a lot so I admire you for that. I'm really sorry for the stuff I said
Lol no I don't have a problem, I'm in perfectly good mental health, but you sound like you maybe need to go to a counselor for anger issues. And what happened to you when you were growing up that you are so rude now? Did your mother never teach you how to behave?
Lol ok you make no absolute sense whatsoever I think you should seek some help on that elounor/larry problem your having✌️ @purplekoala77