Finding my Soulmate

Alex an average teenager, not that pretty nor sexy as everyone else, people call her ugly and outdated but she had experienced more things than you have imagined. Tried killing herself at the age of ten, lost her parents, saved by a mysterious boy that she has to find and found a new home that she has to fit in. Alex world turns around when she finally met her step brother Sam, met her techno geek slash mysterious bestfriend Jacob and discovered secrets about the most popular boy in school. Alex has been always home schooled since her real parents died but her whole life changed when she entered the real jungle "The HighSchool" Will she find the boy who saved her 6 years ago? or would life takes it's turn and lead her to a new direction. This is Alexandra Moon Spencer and my new life begins
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now... why do i have this feeling that sam is that boy she met in the fountain when she was 10
Yay! He saved her!! 

I really liked how your started this off!! Really brought me into the story. :)
You have errors that could easily be fixed by a read through. Though, Sam did sound like a jerk, good thing she pulled him in :P
@AlexandraMoon dont mention this a true to life story?
interesting story and beginning.great job!!keep it up LoLs...
Please. update cause i wanna what happens to Sam like real bad.

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