If You Ever Come Back (A One Direction Fan Fic)

"One Direction has officially broken up." I never thought one band can do so much to a girl's life. One Direction was not just a band, it was not just a phase, it was something else. Being a fan girl is blissfully painful. It doesn't stop in fangirling. It actually begins there. I believe in happy endings. Let's just hope this ends in one.
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this is the saddest thing i have ever read. i swear. but i love it at the same time...
If one direction ever broke up I would miss them like a girl would miss the boy they love, and just like Robin everything would remind me of them.
it's bound to happen eventually just like all the other boy bands NSYC backstreet boys etc
@Real_Lila_Payne ahaha nice one and this has also got me thinking I would also go to london but instead go to Simon and ask what the flippers!?!?!
omg, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! you're an amzing writer, please please please continue this!!!! Or else you'll break my own fan girl heart :( haha xx
LOL before I even read this part I was think of Ana as Robin...and I'm a HOA fan to...

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