As a Christian

As a Christian i believe that Jesus is King, this is my belief and i hope you will all respect that.
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this was great, truly enjoyed this!! i recently joined wattpad and threw and attempt at writing my own poem, but yours blows mine out of the water, kudos!!
Beautifully written,Littlestarcrossed...:)God bless you!Please do read my poems.Hope you'll like them.
@Shywarlikegirl Finally! someone got somthing right! but he stilll died on a steak and not a cross
? From what I've learned Jesus is the son of God. Nobody knows what God looks like, people have seen Jesus though when he lived.
@shywarlikegirl you know you just proved yourself wrong with that scripture right? or were you telling me that jesus isnt god?
Oh my gosh I love this! :) This is one of the best Christian poems I've ever read!

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