As a Christian i believe that Jesus is King, this is my belief and i hope you will all respect that.
I am glad there are christians like you on this site whos not afraid to testify. Beautiful poem!
I am glad that there a good christian people like you on sites like these to tell people about God and all the amazing things he has done.Thank you. btw look in the. bible and read Jeremiah 29:11
I`m glad there are other Christians on this site! I love the poem!
I'm going to vote for this. Just what I needed today. I've got a story that's Christian based with the fall out boy characters. Plz follow me. I think you'll love it. It's my first one sooo
Praise God! What a great poem reminding us of God's Love for us. Thanks for sharing it with us.  :)
I love this, it reminds us so much from God. As a Christian this was AMAZING!