(Formerly titled "Vampiru") Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, 2012. When Dani Tamari sees a spaceship while stargazing, her life will never be the same again. Suddenly, she finds herself in a world of aliens, vampires, and people who want to kill her. The so-called David Cross doesn't regret killing his abusive father. Instead, he's happy he rid the world of such a man. But the authorities on Vampiru, his home planet, don't see it that way, and now he's on the run. He chooses Earth to hide, and lands in Enniskillen, but there are some surprises waiting for him. Unpleasant ones. Dani and David find their lives a mess as their worlds collide, with disastrous consequences. Dani doesn't know what she's getting into, and she wouldn't want anything to do with it if she did. But she's in too deep, she knows too much, and there's no way out. Cover by @Shady234
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This is really creative Shayla!
That feeling of excitement is within me again. ^o^
Wow this story is really well written and I can tell you have planned it out well. I don't usually read stories like these but I will now.
To see disease infested birds apparently. could explain the lack of human populations now.
well I am cured of my spasms. I fear the characters will be a bit too much but so far nothing is debate able.
whoa this story be shooting out characters faster than how I go in a siebdndndjdjdjdiddjnemkcvidicuwnxjjfkdkfmslskoe
The grammar is good. The start is quite intriguing which peaks the interest of the reader. Good work.

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