LIAM's LOVE SLAVE: Short Story ~ Romance

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Sinaidkincaid16 By Sinaidkincaid16 Updated 2 years ago
She thought their love was forever.  She thought one day he would make her his wife....until she overheard "he intends being a bachelor boy until the day he dies"
rsweetk rsweetk 17 days ago
can't help it women tend to jump into conclusion most of the time..hahha jessica just wasted some precious time..
JoyAugustina JoyAugustina 21 days ago
Aww that was sweet but so cheesy it had a competition with my brothers lasagna and it won. Lovely story. Loved it.
JoyAugustina JoyAugustina 21 days ago
She didn't wait for the answer. Why women gotta be tripping all the time? Literally. They don't look before they jump to conclusions
aryakim15 aryakim15 4 months ago
I enjoy reading this kind of story :)  I know this is supposed to be a short story but it is so good that I wanted more :)